Whether we are installing a system in an existing landscape, or one yet to be established, we understand that a landscape watering system is an integral part of a long-term plan to enhance the natural beauty and value of your home. The extra efforts we make now will pay-off year after year. A system with long-term integrity leads to a beautiful landscape. A system without it leads to years of frustrating problems and repairs. Trust My Vaughan Landscaping to get the job done right for you.

Whether it’s waterfalls, pools, ponds, or a simple irrigation system that keeps your garden lush and green, Custom Landscape & Irrigation masterfully implements the serenity and beauty associated with water into the homeowner’s outdoor experience. Ask us how we can help you and your family relax and wash your worries away.
Our experienced landscape contractor services include irrigation, irrigation repair, landscape lighting, custom landscaping, a complete landscape plan, a unique landscaping idea for each home and business.